Fancy, GRS yarns combined to create a recy cotton blended capsule collection.
Feeling ready to go through mid season with these daily casual garments.

Our expression of sustainability and environmental ethics:
sustainable eco fibers, high quality re-cycled yarn and virtuous
production cycles

A modern take on a timeless classic: from state of the art
seamless garments up to iconic styles in a traditional chic culture
to be handed down.

Soft, warm, light and precious: these are the characteristics of this
noble and timeless fiber used in a contemporary manner.

The maximum expression of worsted and carded wool applied to
numerous solutions, workmanship, gauges and stitches.

The best of our design department: experimental uses of shapes, colors,
materials and gauges.

Extrafine Merino Wool with high performance, innovative garment
dyed techniques

The results of our research and development department combined
in one collection:
Thermal garments, heat regulating, breathable, antibacterial and
total easy care.